Winning Strategies For Creative Destruction

Mobile games are gaining more popularity nowadays. Everyone play the games on their mobile to keep their mind stress free in an entertaining way. Creative Destruction is also a great source of fun, and it is an idle game for those who are searching the action game for mobile. In it, you can use many types of weapons and customs. Creative Destruction is available free for the Android and IOS users.

You can use the guide to learn the techniques to increase your winning chances in the game.

Useful tips 

  • To find other players, you should use the map to track the location.
  • Give more effort to collect the building material like wood, metal, etc.
  • Take all the weapons which you get after killing the enemies.
  • Build more ramps to kill more enemies from the top of the tower.
  • From the top view, you can check the right position of other players easily.
  • Always try to collect the first-aid kit at the starting point.
  • Don’t miss to watch the tutorials to improve your shooting skills in the game.
  • Check all the houses to use the unique weapons in battle.
  • By trying Creative Destruction Hack and will have more currencies for free.


In the Creative Destruction when you clear the starting stages, then the game you chance to collect the airdrops. You can use the map to know the location of airdrops.  It gives many of things like premium gears, magic box, and shield, etc. it is an opportunity for you to collect the best weapons, so give your best and collect as much as you can. For all the beginners it is important to utilize it because it can help you to make the game easy for you.

Items to collect in starting       

  • Collect all the good guns from the big buildings after landing.
  • Add first-aid boxes for increase the life.
  • Pick the bandage to for the small injuries.
  • You can increase your health level by using the shield.
  • If you find the rare elements at any time in the game, then don’t miss to collect them.